Important information

  • Check-in
    Rooms are available from 2 pm

  • Check-out
    Latest check-out time is 10:30 am

  • In the Hotel there is a elevator available.
  • Payment
    We ask you to pay our bar staff cash for drinks on a daily basis.
    The hotel bill at the end of your stay can be paid by cash, check or debit card.
    (Payments by credit card incur a surcharge of 2%)

  • Bathrobe
    Deposit of € 20.00 per bathrobe at the reception. 
  • Wellness
    Our baths and wellness center can be found in the basement. For appointments please contact the therapist or the reception team directly.
  • Dietary requirements
    See kitchen
  • Bicycles
    Lock-up bike shed available
  • Garage: 5,00 € per day

  • Front door
    open until 10 pm. For later arrivals use room key and please lock the door.

  • Dogs
    Cost for dog 10 € per day (without food).
    Please understand that animals are not allowed in the restaurant area, except the farmhouse parlor. Please consider children playing and state of the lawn and take your dog do "business" outside the grounds!

  • Internet
    Free Wi-Fi access in the hotel. Please ask for the code at the reception.

  • Cosmetic
    For appointments please contact our beautician, Mrs Weileder in the wellness area or at reception. Payments made directly with Mrs. Weileder. 
  • Spa physician
    Our spa physician is Mrs. Kuhl. We are happy to arrange an appointment in the hotel for you.
  • Local tax
    € 2.20 per person and night, to be paid with final bill. Children under 14 are free. 

  • Restaurant
    Light meals and creative cooks are our speciality. We also cater for special diets. Vegetarian wholefood, all types of diets, various buffets and an extensive range of salads, evening barbecues in summer.

  • Siesta
    We ask you comply with the midday rest from 1.00 to 3.00 pm.
  • Meal-times
    breakfast buffet 07.30 - 10.00 am
    lunch 12.00 - 1.00 pm
    dinner 6.30 - 7.30 pm

  • Smoking 
    as of 01.01.2008 smoking is not allwowed within the hotel, please find ashtrays and seating on the terrace.

  • Spa "Paradies'chen"
    In our wellness area "Paradies'chen" (connected to the bath department in the basement) is a sauna, steam bath, Rasul, soft pack, cosmetics, ayurveda as well as sand-light bath.

  • Parking
    parking areas are in front of and behind the hotel - free of charge. If you can't find one, please ask at the reception. We are glad to be of assistance.  

  • Prices
    Prices are per person and night and include accommodation, breakfast buffet (optional half-board or full board), afternoon tea bar, use of sauna, Kneipp pool, parking, lift, large lawn

  • Sauna (bio-and Finnish)
    open: daily 3:00 to 9:00 pm (please make a reservation at the reception)
    towels at the reception

  • Cancellation policy
    up to 14 days prior to arrival: no fee
    14 - 3 days prior to arrival: 60% of total costs
    less than 3 days before arrival: 80% of total costs


To save trouble, we ask you to inform us in time!

We are happy to provide a written confirmation for your travel cancellation insurance.