Your Vitalhotel for holiday and wellness

The „Wiedemann“ looks back on a hundred years of family tradition. In the year 1903 Carola and Anton Wiedemann acquired the Pension and Guesthouse  „Villa am See“. In 1905 the couple increased the number of beds to 20 and bought the neighbouring building the following year, allowing a further increase to 40 beds. 1925 Anton Wiedemann died and Carola renovated extensively - and had the first central heating installed.

1937 saw the first Kneipp cure basin in Füssen, which was then recognised as a Kneipp cure therapy resort. 


Son Anton Wiedemann, born in 1911, was a trained hotelier and a well known ice-hockey player, not only in the ice-hockey city of Füssen, but also nationally and internationally, competing in the 1936 Olympic Games in Garmisch.

He met an early death at 42, as a consequence of war.

His wife Anni Wiedemann overtook the running of the hotel in 1953, a mere 27 years old and mother of 2 small children, and established a modern health resort.


1957 was the year of the first major building extension, in 1960 a further annexe was added, increasing the number of beds to 60. Two years later the adjacent building was torn down and replaced by a modern guesthouse featuring plumbing units.

Daughter Anni entered into the business in 1978 after studying law, all rooms were modernised and fitted with plumbing.  In 1989 a further wing was built with more beds and the cure therapy section was extended. The hotel by this time gained the status as Sanatorium  and Rehabilitation Centre with permission to receive inpatients. The shifting of the south facing facade in 1995 resulted in the generous studio rooms, 3 years later a large wellness area, with various sauna, light bath and treatment rooms was added. The guesthouse was restructured in 2004 to include  5 apartments.


Many interior developments followed:

  • rooms
  • kitchen
  • restaurants

Since 2012 our house has been a recognised TÜV certified Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre.


After her Tourism-Business Management studies daughter Tina Allgaier became involved in the year 2007 to include a fourth generation in the Cure and Vitalhotel Wiedemann, run exclusively by women.